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Ethan Lucas

The Jesus Q Connection (V1)

The Jesus Q Connection (V1)

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A battle has been in progress since the beginning of time.  The forces of Light verses the forces of Darkness.  The true nature of our reality has been hidden and the powerful forces at the top are now being revealed.  We are literally watching the prophecy of the Book of Revelation unfold before our very eyes.  Religion and science have both been at odds with each other for millennia, and have been used by governments and corporations alike, in order to further their agenda.  The ultimate goal: world domination.  The Garden of Eden wasn't the beginning, but rather the beginning of a new chapter, after a Great Reset.  We are now living through yet another Great Reset.  Even the Mayans and Toltecs knew of this cycle.  2012 wasn't the was the beginning.  And how this new beginning plays out in the early years will determine the fate of this cycle or "age," as the Bible calls it.

What was first commonly called the "QAnon" movement has become the tip of the spear in this fight against darkness.  But it's not a new movement.  In this book, The Jesus Q Connection, you will see the unfolding of current events tying back into recent history and even ancient history, all the way back to Adam, where it all began.  The first Adam signed over his title deed to this realm to the enemy.  The second Adam (Christ) came and performed the ultimate feat of providing the only way to legally take it back.  The stage has been set, and every Q movement throughout history has taken an unlikely hero, with all odds stacked against them, and catapulted humanity into the next higher phase of civilization, social construct, and even reality itself.

This is a war on consciousness.  Don't sleep through it or get left behind.  The first volume of The Jesus Q Connection starts in modern times...right here, right now: 2020.  The following several volumes will unveil the ancient Q Map and hidden code of this enigma that we call "Q."  Donald J. Trump isn't the first to lead a Q movement.  This Q Map stretches and weaves back through the founding of the United States, with George Washington, the collapse of the Roman Empire after Jesus Christ of Nazareth fulfilled the Law and created a way back to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, back through King David, Moses, Abraham, Noah, and all the way back to Adam.

Get your popcorn, buckle your seat belts, and enjoy the show...the games have only just begun.
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