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-If you place an order here for a single bottle, it may take longer than if you contact us directly to expedite the order.  Text "Single Bottles of NEUMI" to 629-888-1212.



Gone are the days of waiting months to see results from supplementation! We have set out to disrupt the health industry through rapid absorption of key ingredients through our HydraStat technology. NutriSwish uses nano-sized ingredients, which are the way of the future, and we are the trailblazers!

(You are ordering one bottle of NutriSwish and one bottle of Neumi Skin)


NutriSwish contains nano-sized glutathione, l-cysteine, vitamin C, and curcumin

Neumi Skin contains nano-sized glutathione, l-cysteine, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other antioxidants and amino acids


  • Immune Booster
  • Joint Support
  • Cognitive Health
  • Clean & Sustained Energy
  • Rapid Recovery 
  • Improves Sleep
  • & Much More


Orders for NEUMI PLACED HERE in the Ethan Lucas store are for ETHAN LUCAS SHOW promos only and are not refundable.  Shipping is already added into the price of each bottle.

 If you are using a promo code, please be sure to enter that and also make sure the total looks correct before checking out completely, as we do not have control over the credit/debit card processing (it is handled by a third party), and won't be able to issue any refunds later.  If you need help placing your order, please text our admin team at 629-888-1212 and they can walk you through it or do it for you.

 SPECIAL NOTE: NEUMI, LLC does not have any affiliation with promos or product offerings here on the Ethan Lucas store page.  Lightborn Co. and Ethan Lucas are authorized to purchase from and distribute product for NEUMI, LLC.  The views, comments, opinions, statements, and offerings made by Ethan Lucas, Lightborn Co., or any of its members, affiliates, agents, ambassadors, or associates, do not apply to NEUMI, LLC, and are not meant to reflect or represent the views, comments, or opinions of NEUMI, LLC or any of its employees, officers, representatives, affiliates, or associates.  NEUMI, LLC and Ethan Lucas, as well as Lightborn Co. (including its members, affiliates, agents, ambassadors, and associates), are all separate entities with no liability toward one another.  If you have an issue with any of your orders on the EthanLucas.com website, please contact Ethan Lucas directly at 513-995-4555, as Ethan Lucas is the only one authorized to resolve any issues pertaining to issues on the EthanLucas.com website.

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